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Guild Rules of Conduct:

1: Have FUN! (Notice this is the first rule.)

2: Respect fellow Guild Members. This is NON NEGOTIABLE. It is OK to disagree but lets do it in a mature adult like fashion so we can all continue to enjoy the GAME. This INCLUDES Officers of Can Has Cheezburger. "LEAD BY EXAMPLE" ANYONE disrespecting officers or fellow guildies will be removed without warning or care as these types of behaviors are UNexceptable in Can Has Cheezburger.

3: You MUST be active! We need to grow as a guild and if you are not there you will fall behind. Can Has Cheezburger will remove any character that hasn't been on after (30 days )unless noted in Officer Notes (This does not mean you cannot return once you play more actively). We understand that Real Life is more important so if you cannot play for an extended amount of time...JUST LET US KNOW!

4: NO BEGGING FOR GOLD. The best way to make gold is questing and/or selling items you have acquired either by Vendor or AH. Joining a Guild and spamming or demanding gold from other members will NOT make you friends. Chances are you will be ignored in guild chat and possibly booted from Can Has Cheezburger.

6: When running an Instance or Raid with other members of Can Has Cheezburger, guild members that need an item as an upgrade come first, otherwise everything is rolled for as GREED unless another course of action in regards to loot is agreed on prior to the run. This is to avoid conflict regarding loot within the Guild and gives those people that need better gear a chance to get it. Anyone who decides to "NINJA" an item WILL be reported by as many guild members as it takes to have your account suspended or banned.

7: As a member of Can Has Cheezburger YOU represent US. Harassment of Horde non guild members will not be tolerated. Trolling in trade will not be Tolerated. If you are being harassed by another player you will report it to Gultah to have a ticket submitted.  HOWEVER, constant harassment, camping, and any /emote you can think of on members of the opposite faction WILL be praised and rewarded by Can Has Cheezburger. We will NOT camp players below level 20 unless you yourself are below level 20. "For teh cheezburgers!"

8: It is the responsibility of ALL guild members to stand united against all new recruits that may choose to come into the Guild and attack or harass any other member of the Guild or just troll in our guild chat. This guild is what YOU make it. Any member who jumps on the "bandwagon" and encourages negative behaviors will also be removed with the offender regardless of rank. They can create a guild together and harass and troll each other all day. Any member who re-invites a member that was just removed will also be removed.

9: Promotions are based on dedication and helpfulness to the guild and its members. Your level of involvement in Vendetta is entirely up to you. The more you choose to involve yourself the more you will be involved. We do not hand rank out for just being there or when you ask for it. Chances are if you ask for rank then it won't be given. We look for certain traits in members before we promote. We do not base these things off the wonderful gear score you think you have, how well you PvP in your own mind, or what level you are in the game.

10: Take the initiative! We are not a power-leveling hand holding guild. It is not the job of the 80s in the guild to run you. Most if not all of the 80s in Can Has Cheezburger have been there from the start as levelers and have grouped together to overcome dungeons and quest. Although we do encourage 80s to run groups from time to time, it is voluntary not demanded. However, in matters of World PvP or members getting camped, it is the job of the Guild to protect its own. It is expected that anyone that can free camped members. We will no longer tolerate members that suddenly choose to ignore cries for help from other members that have been asking for 10mins and are doing everything in their power except logging off to get away and no one can assist. We have a system set up in Can Has Cheezburger where everyone contributes gold or items for the AH to pay for repairs so your repair bill isn't an issue. Players getting camped should also use a little common sense when asking for assistance as well. Getting killed once or twice is NOT getting camped. So feel free to ask for help AND feel free to offer help and everyone will have a little more fun!


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